Building Furnace: Part II

We have recently started a blogpost series about building a mid-sized project in Go with AWS, with unit testing and experimental plugin feature. In this section we will discuss AWS Go SDK. We will also begin to dissect the intricacies of Furnace.

Building Furnace: Part I

This is the first part of a IV part series which discusses the process of building a mid-sized project in Go with AWS, including unit testing and an experimental plugin feature. In this one we will discuss the AWS services used in the brief and will contain a basic description for those who are not familiar with them. 

On Being Human at DrupalCon Vienna - Call for Papers closes in a week

Around two years ago, when the launch of Drupal 8 was just around the corner and the main topic of concern was the status of the issue queue, the Drupal community slowly started murmuring about a topic outside of technical solutions and patches. As a result, a brand new DrupalCon track was introduced - Being Human. Our COO, Zsófi is the Being Human local track chair at DrupalCon Vienna - this is her Call for Papers.

GitHooks For a Safer Go Project

Are you also always forgetting to run your tests and than swear if your branch is broken? Are you only getting that info after a couple minutes of unit tests? Then this solution might help you. 

Sharing your data

During our recent work on the GatherContent module, we received a feature request to allow other modules to modify the data we were saving. As this is not a very well known topic for non-contrib and non-core development, we decided to write a short blogpost about the different approaches in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.

How To HTTPS With HAProxy And LetsEncrypt

Today, I would like to write about how to do HTTPS for a website without buying a certificate and setting it up via your DNS provider. Let’s begin.