Stack management with AWS CloudFormation

As a SaaS engineer in 2018, it almost seems like an impossible to work with scenario compared to the comforts of getting exactly what you need in the cloud. This blog post aims to demonstrate a relatively tiny subset of the different kinds of things you can use with CloudFormation, the automated provisioning tool for Amazon Web Services.

Corporate intranet on decoupled Drupal

Years ago Cheppers created an Drupal 7 based intranet, to help with various administrative tasks, from worktime to absence management. We've decided to rewrite it using a decoupled architecture instead of porting it directly to Drupal 8 as is. This is our story.

    Optimize with Multi-Stage Dockerfile

    Last year in June, Docker 17.05 was released including a feature that is extremely useful, but is often left unused. What am I talking about? This feature is the Multi-Stage Dockerfile.