February 7, 2014

Sprint Weekend In Budapest and Illinois

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Cheppers Zrt.

Cheppers was involved in two of the 39 Drupal Global Sprint Weekend locations over January 25, 2014 and January 26, 2014.

 Sprint Weekend In Budapest and Illinois

Budapest Hungary

Total number of people: 19

Cheppers people: csg - @gergelycsonka, Sweetchuck - @andor_david, segi - @segi67, darge, peri22, Mau Palantír, huzooka, Pene

Other people: Gábor Hojtsy - @gaborhojtsy, nemethf, Aron Novak, pp, naveko, rych, zbombicz, szato, pedrop, roderik, mr.york

Sprint weekend 01
Sprint weekend 02

Summary of day

Two things worked well:

1) We have split into two groups, people in the first group worked on issues alone or in pairs, the second group worked all together on the same issue with a projector, so less experienced developers could get involved too.

2) We had a great mentor, Gábor, so no question was left unanswered.

Next time: 8 people in one group on one issue was too much. Next time split into smaller groups.

Oak Park, Illinois, USA

Drupal sprint 03

Total number of people (almost one third women): 18

Cheppers people: YesCT@YesCT (me)

Other people: alimac, @alimachinations, @america_q, manningpete, @mrspete, bannockree, ZenDoodles, @ZenDoodles, evilehk, Raf, oheller, pixmission, erich_s, Frank

The Digital Bridge Crew: themic8, @Michalakx, mfox_DBS, Matthew, madison.major, Matt, More! (Let me know and I'll add you.)

Summary of day timeline

We began the day with getting everyone getting drupal from git, and also drush. Some new people were there, and we got to know their names and their motivation for attending the sprint. This let us match people with issues they were interested in working on. Some people came and went during the day, which was good as it allowed people to be flexible. The most productive hours were the last few, where people were comfortable posting to issues. Afterwards, we went out for Thai dinner.

How was this all possible?

Sponsorship from Cheppers, Promet, and individuals via the VOPDUG DrupalFund.us campaign funded the space and the snacks.

Plans for next time?

Next time, the location was perfect (very close to my house, I could walk!), coffee, soda and snacks easy to run a tab for, and the wireless was OK. Having the chance to be together for a whole day is really valuable.

Next sprint event

I'll be in Szeged!

And some of my North American friends will be in Illinois during the same time period at MidCamp.

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