Complete web development and UX / UI design services

Are you struggling with a complex IT problem or looking for a partner to implement your digital business idea? Do you need quick help or solution for a long-term? You won’t be disappointed with our expertise.

Drupal, AWS Partner 4x
Drupal Web Development
Drupal Web Development
We are active members of the Drupal developer community with many years of knowledge, and we offer our services for organisations and companies that are looking for a secure, trusted solution for their online products and websites.
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Cheppers Drops
Cheppers Drops
Experience the game-changing synergy of Drupal and DevOps with Cheppers DROPS. Unlock the true potential of your Drupal projects, streamline your CI/CD process, and harness the power of AWS cloud hosting. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have chosen Cheppers DROPS as their go-to solution for Drupal and DevOps excellence
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UX/UI Design
UX/UI Design
We will conduct a thorough assessment of the user base of your digital product, meticulously surveying their needs and meticulously identifying the challenges they face.
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We have a young, energetic team of more than 60 people who create world-class products.

Soon after our founding in 2012, we became the largest company in the Hungarian Drupal community, and we have been growing steadily ever since. We opened our office in New York in 2016 expanding our range of North American clients.

We are active participants and shapers of the international Drupal community: we organize events and conferences all over the world. Under the Drupal Give initiative, we solve technological and social problems on a voluntary basis with the help of design and code.

Beside the web development in Drupal and Laravel, we also work in several other related areas: we develop shared and cloud based systems, mobile and web applications, we deal with UX, strategic consulting and product support as well.

We can work together effectively in solving subtasks, but we also confidently deliver complete development and operation projects.

If we start to build a website or a web service, we can choose from several content management software available on the Internet. For example, Wordpress and Drupal. Compared to other frameworks Drupal is flexible, very secure and developer friendly, this makes it suitable for unique, complex needs as well.

Because it is faster than other content managers, various high traffic websites prefer to use it, such as web stores, universities, high traffic news pages, companies which are dealing with IT and big data, government agencies and public institutions.

The real strength of Cheppers lies in providing unique solutions to exciting problems. We consider it important that the chosen technology solution has to be optimal from a business point of view, and Drupal is not always optimal. Because of this, in some cases we work with the PHP Laravel framework, and we also have a React.JS and React Native application development team. The technologies we use are optimal to create complex web platforms and services.

We do not usually deal with developing simple websites or web pages, Wordpress pages, simple blogs or web shops running on Shopify or on a similar platform.

Let's see a concrete example! Let’s say we need to redesign an old, complex web service with many features and users. For example, a ticketing platform or a complex e-commerce system.

First, we must understand the current operation of the system and the business objectives. For this, we review the operation, the performance, the code and the design of the existing platform. We may conduct our own research to understand better the market or the technology. After this with the help of structured workshops and consultations we discuss with the client, set the goals and plan the process.

1. Strategic consulting

If it is necessary to change the structure or the functionality of the product, the first step is to validate the idea and the users needs using UX research methodology. After this we select the appropriate technology solutions and we design the architecture.

2. UX Research and Design

Based on the identified customer and the users needs, we create the first prototype of the product which we test with real users. Based on the feedback of the tests, we make changes to the product to be logical and easy to use for the users.

3. UI Design

We only start UI design after the UX design phase, when we developed the design and visualize the new site. We validate the UI designs with users tests and finalize them after the necessary modifications.

4. Architecture design

In the development based on UX / UI plans, we take in consideration the data security expectations, the expected workload, the typical tasks and the business goals related to the product.

5. Web development

If you need new features, we can develop it for you and then integrate it with your current system. In parallel with the backend development, the frontend development also takes place, during which we bring your site to life based on the planned UI design!

6. Product support and operation

A digital product is never ready as new ideas and development suggestions will always come. Cheppers will not leave you alone after handing the product - you can count on our help for long term. We also provide continuous updating and maintenance for Drupal and Laravel based systems to ensure the operation of business-critical functions.

After contacting us, we will assess the details of the planned project and the exact customer needs, after this we will give you an individual price offer.

UX design means user experience design. This experience includes everything the user meets before, during and after using a digital product. During the UX / UI design, we create the functionality and visual appearance of the product, keeping in mind the usability.

We can only validate the user’s perspectives if we do our best in order to learn about these aspects. The essence of the UX approach is to validate the plans through interviews and tests with representatives of the target group at different points in the planning process.
The three closely related components of the UX process are: UX research, UX design, and UI design (user interface design).
During the UX research, we try to outline the available market solutions and the needs of the target group of the planned product as accurately as possible through interviews, tests and market research.

The UX designer designs and develops in a data driven way the information structure and functions of the product, based on the research results. In this phase, a wireframe of the product is created, which depicts the buttons, the menu items, and the most logical grouping of screens on the page.

UI design is the last step when we "dress up" the finished wireframe, i.e. creating the visual appearance of the product, in a concrete case in line with the brand image. In this phase we decide on the final colors and fonts and we design the effects and animations on the page.


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