Would you join an exceptional team?

Super atmosphere, breakfast together, exciting tasks - it’s simply good to work at Cheppers. You can even bring your dog. Take your part to create a user-friendly and secure digital future.

Life at Cheppers

We are diverse, but we understand each other well. The staff of Cheppers has a wide range of professional experience in Hungarian and International projects.

Their work adds professional diversity from planning, design, development, and communication and this results in a cheerful team which is not afraid of challenges.


We are diverse

All Cheppers employees represent value to both the company and its customers. We believe that the knowledge, experience and independent approach of the team members helps to learn something new every day. This is the secret of our development and success.

We are explorers

Cheppers is constantly seeks the potential for innovation in technology. We believe that our passion and some of our creations serves our internal development and is also able to create tangible value for our customers.

We are open

All employees of Cheppers are free to express their opinions and listen to the thoughts of others on issues that affect their responsibilities and team-level collaboration. After two years of working together, regardless of position, our colleagues receive employee shares, in this way they can help to make the right decisions for the company.

We are a team

Cheppers staff pay attention to each other and help each other. We believe in the creativity of the team and the opportunities offered by thinking together. Our corporate programs create an opportunity for everyone to have fun in our community.

Extra perks for Cheppers team members


2 days a week home office


Native English teacher


Dog friendly workplace


Corporate Macbook Pro


Bonus options




Coffee, tea


Regular programs together