How To HTTPS With HAProxy And LetsEncrypt

Today, I would like to write about how to do HTTPS for a website without buying a certificate and setting it up via your DNS provider. Let’s begin.

Development of a sponsored contrib module - Gather Content

In 2016, our team worked on a sponsored contrib module, GatherContent. The goal of the project was to recreate the module for Drupal 7 using best practices, and to create a brand new module for Drupal 8.

Collecting Drupal logs to Amazon Kinesis

I was asked to find a way to collect log messages from 100 websites that were running on Drupal (version 7) and make them available for evaluation as one of the last steps of a long-running test suite.  Here is one of the ways Drupal logs can be collected into a Kinesis stream. - Hogyan gyűjtsünk téma-specifikus kommenteket?

A felügyelt tanulással működő nyelvtechnológiai eszközök (natural language processing tools) fejlesztésének egyik alapvető problémája az, hogy honnan lehet olyan szövegeket gyűjteni, amik a tanítás alapjául szolgálhatnak. Ha nem egy adott közösség kommenjeit akarjuk feldolgozni, hanem általánosságban érdekelnek a hozzászólások, akkor fontos, hogy az anyagaink minél több közösségből származzanak. - Building a training corpus of comments

Machine learning is a powerful method for solving various natural language processing tasks, but collecting the training corpus can be a difficult job. If we are to build a model that is not specific to a small subculture (like one subreddit) then we have to make sure our corpus contains samples from as many sources as possible. - Dirty talk, how can I fight thee?

Dirty words. We all know them. They are inappropriate. They are coarse. They are offensive. We were taught not to use them, especially before people we don't know, but we just can't help it. In this blog post we concentrate on the issues that one should address before building a system which automatically identifies and categorizes vulgar language in texts.