January 13, 2014

January 15th we are going to PARTY! Uh, work. Well it is a #DrupalWorkParty!

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Cheppers Zrt.

It is the 13th anniversary of the release of Drupal. People are taking a few hours on Wednesday Jan 15 2014 to tackle a Drupal issue. We will be together on irc in #drupal and #drupal-contribute and also communicating on twitter #DrupalWorkParty



Because it is more *fun* when we work together. We get more *done* when we work together. Drupal needs our help.


Actually, whenever anyone starts, any time it is January 15 2014 where they are. *grin* But I think it is going to start around 08:00 UTC Jan 15 (2am CST Jan 15) and go to 02:00 UTC Jan 16 (8pm CST Jan 15).


We will be meeting in irc in #drupal and #drupal-contribute. And people will also be tweeting with #DrupalWorkParty to coordinate.

Will mentors be available?

Yep! Some mentors have signed up particular hours. (Hint for mentors: Mentors doodle to sign up).

Everyone is a mentor

Even when there are no signed-up mentors, there will be people from the community in irc. In general, new people can say in the channel: "I'm new to contributing and want to help." And then ask whatever question they have, like... "How do I git clone Drupal 8? It is not working." or "What do I write for the change notice about legacy router compatibility?" And anyone in the channel can answer questions. Anyone can be a mentor, even for those of us that are not experts, we sometimes know a little bit more than someone else and so we can help others and answer questions too. "Answering" a question is not even necessary every time. You can help by asking questions back, like "What command did you type to clone?" or "What is the url of the doc page you are looking at with the git clone command?" or "change records?" (which triggers the Druplicon robot to give some hints). We are even better than rubber ducks.


The central place for information is the groups.drupal.org WorkParty post. The d.o Contributor Task doc pages, are also good any day of the year. They have instructions for how to do a reroll, how to do a review, how to write a change record, and a lot more. See you in irc! -YesCT

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