Prepare! Prepare! for… PHPUnit tests

The Migrate in Core group of people working on Drupal 8 is preparing some meta issues, making doable sub issues, and improving documentation, for:

  • people new to Drupal contribution but not new to PHPUnit,
  • people new to PHPUnit but not new to Drupal contribution.

Let's get ready to help with those small doable sub issues.

Create custom browser widget to the media module

Media module is the most popular framework for managing files, but the Library browser provided by Media version 7.x-1.x gives us a bucket of images with no filtering options. This makes the image selection pretty time-consuming.

Data Migration through Migrate API

Migrate API is the most versatile module available for moving arbitrary data between Drupal sites of the same, or even different core version. It provides a unified way of handling any data type, and a simple to implement interface for making more elements available for migration. This tutorial will show you how to create your own migration handler.

Apache Solr and Drupal

Apache Solr is an open source search platform that can make search queries much faster. It is surprisingly easy to integrate it with Drupal by using the Search API framework.

Faceted search with Search API in Drupal

With Search API and Facet API it is easy to create facet blocks to narrow the result set of a view or a search. This tutorial covers the basics steps how to do this.

TCPDF and Drupal

If you want to generate pdf on your Drupal site, there are multiple modules you can choose. Most of them are complex modules targeting to solve problems like converting entities or filled forms to pdf. However, when I needed to create a custom pdf file with a custom module I did not find any other viable solutions, but to download and integrate a pdf library myself. I chose to use the TCPDF library, and decided to create a general integration module for it.