Finding a Security Hole

A short journey of how we found a security hole and what we did next.

Operation AC: CTF Without a Flag (Part I)

We have multiple air conditioner devices all over the office, but in our corporate culture, we want to automate everything. For example, if everyone left the office from a specific room and the last one forgot to turn off the AC device, who cares? Our system will turn it off for you. The sad news is that we can't do this with these devices. We found an extra attachable device to eliminate this disability. Lucky for us, they have an Android application as well. But, there is no API or any documentation.

How was Drupal Europe 2018

We were at Drupal Europe, read how we liked it.

The best of GopherCon UK 2018

Read my selection of the best sessions at GopherCon UK 2018.