Cloud services

Whether it's smaller services or the creation and migration of complete data warehouses, you can get the most out of the cloud with the help of our team. We design, implement and support your cloud-based infrastructure. Our services are based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions.

Cloud native application development

Design and development of business applications for optimized, cloud-based infrastructure

  • We focus on long-term maintainability
  • We design a microservice based architecture
  • We build automatically scalable and high-availability infrastructure
  • We optimize operating costs
  • We provide a monitoring, reporting and alerting solution tailored to your needs

Cloud migration

Survey, optimize, and migrate existing infrastructure to the cloud

  • We offer a solution to exponentially increased operational challenges with the growth of services based on traditional infrastructure
  • After surveying our current system, we will build an optimized, scalable, secure, and sustainable cloud-based solution
  • During the migration, we prepare your service for high-level monitoring, reporting and alerting functions

Cost management

Optimizing cloud-based infrastructure costs

Prior to cloud migration, we will assess your current infrastructure, design your alternative, cloud-based system, and create a budget plan. In addition to basic costs, we outline potential growth opportunities and anticipate hidden costs such as availability, monitoring, or automated incident management.

For applications running on existing cloud, we assess the current infrastructure and create an optimization plan, such as:

  • To automatically scale the resources used
  • To use appropriate managed services
  • Alternative solutions to replace unnecessarily expensive services


Cloud application, infrastructure optimization and maintenance

With a DevOps approach, we support daily tasks related to the infrastructure:

  • Cost management
  • Infrastructure tools and developments
  • Cloud native application design

We design, build and operate test infrastructure, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI / CD) systems

Big Data

Moving and managing large amounts of data to the cloud

  • Full scalability enables cloud-based solutions to meet dynamically changing storage and management needs
  • In addition to the infrastructure, we also design easy-to-use interfaces through which users without deep technical knowledge can access and work with data.
  • If necessary, we optimize the existing database and perform data cleaning