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Redesigning a product website after years of stable performance is always both a great challenge, and great opportunity. Visitors and customers are familiar with the lay of the land, and the provider is experienced in the maintenance of the application. Still, as time goes by systems have to adapt and improve to meet the expectation of the modern world.

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Sicontact, the Austrian distributor of the well known anti-virus software family ESET have reached out to Cheppers, to assist them in bringing their online visual identity to a new level, reflecting changing customer demands and a shift in business focus. Sicontact have already been using Drupal from the start, so there was no question for them to have their new website Drupal-based as well. This is how they found our company.

Not only did this project involve a conversion of a Drupal 6 based site (with its implicit IA limitations) to Drupal 8, but the change in the user experience now also had to accustom new target groups: software vendors and resellers.

Our UX and UI researchers accepted the challenge and performed several online interviews and in-depth market research to find the biggest challenges they face, and created a functional and bespoke experience to solve them.

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The challenge

Requesting a quote

Offering a customisable products requires complicated workflows, and more automation allows businesses to reduce the human effort. In addition, as Sicontact is typically a B2B vendor, selling to small to medium enterprises, the market expects efficient, and straightforward processes to administer and customise products and packages. One of the key features of the new website is the interface for requesting quotations, and it is designed that both home users and SME vendors can easily find the right configuration, and define all attributes of the requested software - and equipped with that knowledge the back-office staff can collect and process enquiries quicker.

Customer support

Besides the restructured and configurable FAQ and Support sections we have also included automatic support features, such as serial number validation, product comparisons, partner locators and so on.THE RESULT

The result

Using Drupal 8 we built an informative, feature rich and multilingual website, that you can check out here.

The design created by us was available on our partner's site in 2018 and 2019.

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