Project Manager


Cheppers is looking for an experienced, extremely organized and well spoken person to fill the role of a project manager. The ideal candidate would help us with his/her experience to increase the quality of our work further. Your role would be to manage various web development projects for our prestigious international and local clients and also to organize various in-house development initiatives. You must have the ability to stay calm under pressure and to think quickly and critically in order to solve any problems that might arise.


About the job

  • Planning
  • Ensure that each project is fully planned, taking into account all necessary phases, such as discovery, development, testing, bug fixes and deployment.
  • Scheduling
  • Know the schedule of each project and each developer so that nobody is left overwhelmed with too much work, or with nothing to do.
  • Stay in touch with stakeholders to assess their needs in order to maintain a good relationship.
  • Project Administration
  • Keep project documentation up-to-date to provide transparency and smoothen onboarding.
  • Write meeting memos and follow-up diligently to ensure that stakeholders are aligned.
  • Watch over the issue & project tracking system to make sure it is well maintained with all the information required and that it reflects accurate project status.
  • Team Support
  • Be aware of the progress of work at all times in order to remove any roadblocks that might appear and frustrate developers.
  • Mediate conflicts and mitigate risks.
  • Oversight
  • Track the time spent on projects to ensure that projects do not fall behind schedule or go over budget.
  • Be aware of every developer's work habits to ensure nobody falls behind.


  • At least three years of experience as project manager in web or software development projects.
  • Time management skills - for both yourself and the developers.
  • Excellent communication skills - in both writing and speaking.
  • Understanding and experience with of different project management methodologies, e.g. Agile and Waterfall.
  • Experience with team coordination.
  • Fluent or advanced English and Hungarian.
  • Critical thinking skills - as the go-to problem solver, you must be able to evaluate any issue that might arise and come up with a potential solution.

Nice to have

  • Familiarity with web development technologies (we work mainly with Laravel, React.js etc.).
  • Familiarity with DevOps and cloud (we work mainly with AWS) concepts.
  • Experience with project management systems, e.g. Redmine or JIRA.
  • Proficiency with Google office suite - e.g. Sheets, Docs, and Calendar.

For all this we offer

  • Participation in interesting, long-term projects
  • Possibilities for professional growth and valuable training opportunities
  • Flexible working hours and home office
  • Company English lessons with native language teachers
  • Company provided Macbook Pro (or equivalent)
  • Weekly massage
  • Free coffee & tea
  • A dog friendly downtown office in Budapest
  • Quarterly bonus
  • Partner status and company shares after 2 years
  • Possibility to get incubation for your product ideas

About us

Cheppers was founded in 2012 and today we are the market leaders among the Hungarian Drupal companies, with a strong international reputation. We currently have 50+ colleagues who work on cloud services, Drupal and Laravel based web solutions, React based app development, web design and development consulting, and UX & UI planning.

  • We believe in continuous learning and we like to share knowledge with each other through in-house training.
  • We are transparent and aim to be as open as possible with each other, and we strongly believe in growing together.
  • Most of our colleagues have participated in open source projects.
  • We are regular attendees/presenters/organizers/code sprinters/sponsors of professional conferences in Hungary and abroad.
  • More than half of our team members have visited our clients in Western Europe and the USA to work on-site or to attend team building events.
  • We have an office in New York City and a constantly growing team in the USA.
  • From 2019 we are in the AWS Partner Network.
  • Lots of our colleagues have acquired AWS and Acquia certifications.

We work in two ways:

  1. We team up with our international clients and work together with their colleagues - due to different working methods and approaches, this is an excellent opportunity to grow professionally and do some networking.
  2. We work on full projects, forming our own in-house teams - because of this, we have the opportunity to take part in every step of the process.
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