AWS Managed Services by Cheppers

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

At Cheppers, we want you to be successful. Consistent and secure operations in the cloud is a critical component. Our Operations Plans are designed to give you the right level of operational support, leverage standard AWS services, and augment your operations capabilities regardless of where you are in your cloud journey. Operations Plans work at the level of an AWS accounts.

AWS Managed Services by Cheppers


Why choose us?

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
Operational support
Operational support

Address and fix issues before they lead to major incident or outages. We monitors the logs and metrics of your AWS resources and provide valuable assistance to your application developers, facilitating seamless operations.

Unlimited Incident support with SLA
Unlimited Incident support with SLA

Boost Your AWS Capability with 24x7 Monitoring and incident support. Aligned with our Service Level Agreements (SLAs). In the event of critical incidents impacting your business, we guarantee an immediate response within 1 hour.

Unlimited Advisory
Unlimited Advisory

Embark on your cloud journey with confidence, knowing that our expert team is here to provide remote advisory support. We specialize in assisting you with "how to" scenarios, offering guidance and expertise to help you navigate the complexities of cloud adoption and utilization.

Focus on core business

Free up internal resources to concentrate on innovation and product development

Cheppers’ AWS Managed Services provides our clients with access to specialized expertise, proactive management, cost optimization, enhanced security, scalability, and the ability to focus on their core business, all while leveraging the benefits of AWS cloud infrastructure.

Reduce operational expenses

Eliminate waste, and maximize cost-efficiency.

We are dedicated to help our clients optimize their operational costs by analyzing usage patterns, identifying areas for cost reduction, and implementing best practices. We provide monthly recommendations to optimize your AWS usage and cost. Our team of cloud experts will make the changes to your infrastructure based on the recommendations to ensure you get the most out of our AWS investment.

Focus on core business

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Lénárd Németh - Chief Business Development Officer
Lénárd Németh
  • Chief Business Operating Officer

My approach to sales is rooted in consultative partnership. I believe in fostering trust and mutual understanding, so I focus on being a trusted advisor rather than a salesperson. I work to understand your unique needs, and by providing the right solutions, I empower you to ask for the help you require. It's about building a lasting relationship where success is a shared journey.

Managed Services Add-on

Services to enhance and/or customize your support experience (available at additional cost)

7x24 on-call

A peace of mind experience with our 7x24 on-call availability for AWS services, empowering your business round-the-clock, without any time constraints.

Infrastructure reviews

Ensure that the number of operational and security risks are minimized and downtime is prevented by leveraging the AWS well architectic framework and implementing best practices effectively.

Backup management

Back up management system that includes both on-prem and cloud infrastructure back-up

Access management

User and security group review

Security management

Improved security with the help of custom security management system framework tailored for AWS
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