At its core, Cheppers is about creating something awesome. Whether it’s building a website that perfectly balances aesthetics and functionality for our clients and their consumers, or providing a workplace that inspires and supports our team.

Our two founders, Péter Oroszvári and Gergely Csonka share this common goal and different ideas about how to reach it. This difference is what makes them work so well together, and has been the foundation of Cheppers’ strength and growth.

Péter, combining his passions for IT and business, looks at the big picture, the final product. He wants to build a better internet by providing businesses with quality web services. Gergely wants to remove the obstacles our team faces, so they can focus on delivering the best work and reach their full potential. These two approaches work cohesively to produce a better product for our clients.

The team they have built is made up of people from different backgrounds, from all over Hungary, and now, from around the world. Cheppers is built on expertise in programming, art, design, business, and communication, and these separate fields come together to produce a happy team and happy customers.


The company was founded in 2012 and quickly grew to be the leading Drupal shop in Budapest, Hungary. Now, in addition to Drupal, we are developing distributed systems and cloud services. We have clients in Western Europe and the US, for whom we build and maintain websites and webshops, develop cloud services, and help grow their online businesses through consulting. We are proud to be active partners of Acquia, working closely with their engineering team.

The technologies we use and the communities around them are also important to us. We host and help organize several events in Hungary, and we are regular attendees/speakers/sponsors/code sprinters at local and international events.


In the beginning of 2018 Cheppers has merged with 5Net Kft., another important participant of the Hungarian web market. With the new team members our company grew to be a leader cloud engineering and web development company of the Central-European region with more than 60 people on board.