Our client, panblue GmbH, approached Cheppers in May 2014 with an interesting project that had started a while before. On rentnerado.de you can hire a retiree for specific jobs. When a pensioner would like to do some work in their free time, they can post an ad, set the geographical area where they want to work, set an hourly cost and can be contacted if someone is interested.

Page shots about Rentnerado site

Technical background

Our task was to finalize the MVP and do a minor facelift on the site - before the launch in August 2014 we worked on refactoring the code and mostly had theming issues. Since August we have been working on various exciting features. We implemented an advertising platform where employers can submit advertisements for different jobs by purchasing credits, set up categories, and pick a location. Special advertising promotion and scheduling are also available to make the ads featured in the search results.