Qoony launched its first webstore in 2011 using Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce, but development did not stop there, they have been constantly launching new stores and adding new features to the existing ones. Note: The Qoony webstore ceased its activities in August 2014.


Integration with ERP software

Qoony uses an ERP solution called AFAS (afas.nl) to manage its products, inventory and ordering process. Product creation and deletion, inventory tracking, price updates and finalizing the order process are all performed automatically through web services. This centralized ‘back office’ makes it relatively easy to deploy additional sites for separate product lines.

Fully responsive design

A design that works well on different screen sizes was crucial because analytics had shown that a large number of visitors use mobile devices to do their shopping.

Content synchronisation

Although each store sells different products, the Customer Support area is shared across all stores. If it gets updated on one site, the changes are pushed to all the other sites.

Screens of three Qoony sites

Shipping time indicator

Each store has a counter in the page header displaying how much time a customer has to order products if she wants them delivered the next day. The counter is aware of weekends and holidays, and it lets the customer know if next day delivery is not possible.

Free products

Store owners can attach free products to purchases, so if a customer buys Product A, they get Product B for free.

Bundle products

Store owners can create bundles with discounted prices, so if a customer buys the bundle of Product A, Product B and Product C, she gets it for a lower price than buying them separately.

Solr Search

Customers can filter the products using facets. Some of the facets use OR relationship between choices, so for example a customer can view products that are either green or red. Customers can also switch between display modes for the results (tiles or rows), and the result list’s length is adjusted with infinite scroll.

Hierarchical filters

In the Sneeuwkettingen Store, the Dakkoffer Store, and the Dakdrager Store, customers can filter products to view only those that are compatible with their car. The taxonomy tree containing the car types is synchronised across these sites, so changes need to be made only once.

Klarna payment

A payment method for Klarna (https://klarna.com). A very limited contributed module already existed for this service, but we had to rewrite it from scratch to support other countries and missing features. Note: The Qoony webstore ceased its activities in August 2014.