Delego is an employment website where job-seekers can choose between various occupations which are updated on a daily basis. Users can create their own profiles and can apply for their desired job with one click.


Development – technical details

The portal was built on an active Drupal 7 website. In the course of the project the whole website was redesigned and improved with additional features. The client asked us to give all users the ability to create a unique job-seeking profile. Within this, the user can fill in a profile similar to a CV. During the development we were taking care of an easy solution for the client to change the order of the fields or to add new features to the profile. You only need one click to apply for the job you choose and the advertiser will automatically receive a notification so s/he can immediately respond. The website contains a complex search engine that helps job-seekers browse among job listings quickly and easily.

Page shots of Delego website

Additional features

  • current Delego news where users can immediately get information about what is happening at Delego
  • office search engine where all the offices of Delego in the country are visible on a map
  • useful tips which help job-seekers with important Delego documents and copies