Our client, 123Sonography holds online cardiography trainings as a service, and due to its success they decided to organize offline training events. The online service’s website was made with Drupal, and since the company was satisfied with it, their choice for the new website was also Drupal. The goal of the website is to showcase the trainings held in different countries, attract attendees and enable them to buy their tickets and reserve their spots via the online interface. We had a relatively short period for the development as there was only one month to go between the launch of the website and the beginning of the marketing campaign for the first training.

123Sono live

Technical background

Our task was to adapt the Austrian designer’s graphical plans which was later a foundation for the main website’s facelift. Our team’s task was to plan the system architecture and do the development based on the graphical ideas and the brief. Registered users need to be able to reserve their spot for the trainings online and to pay for their ticket, and Drupal also handles the invoicing. The layout is full responsive to make it accessible on mobile and tablet devices. As a special request we changed the Drupal Commerce checkout process. Customers can buy tickets not just for themselves but for other attendees too thus they can create multiple accounts during the checkout. Due to the flexibility of Drupal Commerce we could easily implement this.