The first version of the website was done by another company, but after a successful cooperation on 123Sonography Live the owner decided to entrust Cheppers with this facelift project as well. 123Sonography is an online cardiography educational platform for doctors. After registration and subscription, users can attend several online courses in which they can expand their knowledge in the field of cardiography. With the help of video tutorials, the users can stay up-to-date and they can test their knowledge with quizzes. When a course is successfully finished, the user receives a diploma. In addition to all this, registered customers can purchase professional literature, get access to e-books and find webinars in different topics.

Screenshots about 123sonography.com

Technical background

As with any brownfield development, our team reviewed the whole website and prepared a document of their findings. During the review they also investigated ways they could rebuild the site without rewriting a lot of code, and still meet the design expectations. Luckily our predecessors did a really great job, so we only had a to do minor work with the existing features, and could focus on the site build and changing the theme. The original website was not responsive, therefore the biggest task was to rebuild the HTML markup of the website and create a brand new theme based on the designs of an Austrian designer. To make the site fully responsive, we decided to rebuild the site using panels. Another problem was that certain pages were not built up dynamically from smaller pieces of content, the editors had entered a blob of HTML markup into the body field, which meant we needed to rebuild the structure of some content types, then slice up and migrate their content with a script.