The Hand in Hand Foundation redesign

Since 1993, the Hand in Hand Foundation has been working to build a tolerant society in which individuals with disabilities can live with dignity. Their primary task is to promote the cause for people with disabilities, especially those who live with mental disability and come from disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as those living with multiple disabilities. They connect with disabled people through their environments, directly and indirectly, in all phases of their lives, involving family, experts and welfare organizations, or by addressing the society as a whole. The Cheppers UX & UI team’s task was to redesign the website to make it easier for the users to find the information.

The old site

In the old site, there was a lot of information highlighted, which resulted in a mass of content in which nothing was emphasized at all. It was also hard for a user to find their way through the sea of content, so our first task was to create a structure in the website that reflects the real value of the information displayed. Also, we had to figure out how to present several important pieces of information at once. 

Old site

Our goal

Our task was to match the user’s needs to the actual website’s content structure and architecture.


The website is connected to a lot of standalone systems, so its real function is to be an intermediary between these systems, which was a challenge for us to solve. Based on our research, we created a website that represents the real values of the foundation, and shows the everyday problems it faces.


This makes it easier to convince people to donate, and show that this is the right place to go to help children and parents who are sometimes not even able to ask for help.



We aimed to keep the original branding of the company while refreshing the look of the website by keeping the original colors and typography. We lightened the darker tones and decided to leave the angular fonts behind to make the first impression softer and more cheerful, showing the website visitors that the foundation is keeping hope alive and creating possibilities for those in need. 


Check out our Behance page for more information.