January 15 2014 Work Party: Give Drupal a Birthday Present: Tackle a D8 Issue! generated a ton of twitter traffic reaching over 100,000. Check out the #DrupalWorkParty twitter wall for tweets and pictures of birthday cakes. (Thanks Pantheon for hosting community sites!). There were 14 issues worked on and tagged for DrupalWorkParty (in core and some contrib). And, 81 more people worked on core that day.


Thanks also to these additional folks who worked on core issues during January 15th:

If I missed anyone who worked on core on Jan 15th, please let me know.

So many Thank-you's

There are so many people that worked on issues before Jan 15th, and since then. Thanks to all of you!


ps. If anyone gets, or holds my hand through getting, some more efficient/better actual db queries, please just let me know and I'll update this. It would be good to get some comparisons to other Wednesdays.


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