This guide is based on Drupal 7 with Search API 7.x-1.1.3, Solr search 7.x-1.6, Search views 7.x-1.13, Search API attachments 7.x-1.4 and Views 7.x-3.8

  1. Install Solr If you haven't installed Solr yet, check our blog post how to set up easily a basic Solr service on your *nix system or read the official instructions how you can do it.
  2. Install Drupal modules Install and enable the following modules:
  3. Download tika Download the Tika app .jar file (tika-app-1.6.jar as per the time of this post), and copy it to
    , or in case you build your site as an install profile, copy it to
    . Be sure that you have the java JDK installed. If you use Ubuntu like I do, you can read here the "Installing default JRE/JDK" section for further info. Important: Once you have downloaded the .jar file, you may need to adjust its permissions.
  4. Set up Search API Once you are done go to
    • Add a new server.
    • Add an index to the newly created server.
      • On Filters tab enable File attachments:
    • On Fields tab select the desired fields to be indexed:
    • Open the Search API Attachments tab, select Tika Extraction method and fill in the Tika Extraction Settings section. Save configuration when you are done.
  5. Create a view Go to
    and add a new view.
    • From Show list select your index created earlier.
    • For display format you might select rendered entity.
    • Click Continue & edit.
    • At Filter Criteria section set up your filter.
    • Check "Expose this filter to visitors" and select the Searched fields from the list.

And basically that's it. Congratulations, you have just set up a full text search for attached files.